Trilogy Three Step Micro Renewal Routine

PrettyStick Beauty


Nourish and protect your skin’s microbiome with Trilogy’s Three-Step Microbiome Renewal Routine which is designed to balance the flora on our skin to make sure we keep bad bacteria at bay.

  • Rosehip Cream Cleanser removes make-up and impurities, leaving skin soft, smooth, and refreshed
  • Hydrating Mist Toner instantly moisturises and instantly revitalises without needing to touch your face.
  • The Microbiome Complexion Renew Serum’s natural postbiotic technology supports microbial diversity, improves redness, and promotes a youthful complexion.

As a free gift from to you, this pack also includes a set of seven cotton cleansing rounds to give you skin its most thorough clean.

Because we all need to nourish our skin’s microbiome, this bundle is suitable for all skin and daily use.