Ton of Goodness Chebe Scalp Scrub

PrettyStick Beauty

Chebe powder is a beautiful concoction lovingly created by women's collectives in the African Republic of Chad. These Chadian goddesses combine cherry seeds, lavender, cloves, stones and resin tree saps to maintain their long luxurious locks.
How can Chebe help you achieve your most beautiful hair?
-Chebe helps to balance the pH of your scalp (we're looking for 4.5-5 but often end up way over 7......this imbalance can be seen with dry, itchy, dandruff, eczema patches on scalp)
-Chebe helps fight inflammation (got a tender scalp? red patches ? product build up? .....these are all indicators for an inflamed scalp that needs Chebe to cool it down)
-Chebe helps to deep condition your hair to keep it super moisturized for days on end(the ingredients in Chebe powders are perfectly suited to deeply penetrate the shaft......the shaft of the "that's what she said" jokes ok????)
-Chebe scalp scrub helps to exfoliate all dead skin from around and in follicles (making room for new growth)
In so doing all of the above, Chebe powder products create the perfect environment for healthy hair growth and the strengthening of your existing locks.

So is there anything wrong with Chebe powders? 
Well not really......BUT......traditionally Chebe powders are pretty messy and hard to work with so that's why I absolutely love this new Chebe scalp scrub from Ton of Goodness. This scrub is easy to apply to wet hair and not hard or messy to rinse out. I like to wet my hair and apply this scrub to my scalp immediately upon hopping in the shower and I let it sit and sit while I'm soaping up and brushing my teeth (yes, I'm a shower teeth brusher) etc and then I go one of 2 ways
-just rinse the scrub out and skip shampoo/conditioner (this allows the oils from the Chebe scrub to soak into my hair over the next couple of days
-follow up with shampoo and conditioner
How to decide which? 
Well.......leaving the oils in my hair although very deep conditioning for my hair which I love......leaves me with a little bit of that "wet greasy rat" look so I usually only do this when I'm not gonna be "out" much over the next couple of days. If you have thicker, coarser or curlier hair, this probably won't be a problem for you.