New Beginnings cleansing ritual kit

PrettyStick Beauty


Cleansing Ritual Kit - New Beginnings Light either the included Sage bundle or Palo Santo in your space. Let the flame calm to a gentle, fragrant smoke and walk around counter-clockwise, being mindful of reaching every corner. Once completed, make sure your fire and smoke are depleted on a fire-resistant surface, or allow to continue to smoke in a safe dish or holder in the center of the room.

Selenite delivers clarity of mind, and cleanses negative energy. It attracts angels or protective energy and offers higher guidance.

Aventurine - A very gentle stone energetically that gives a sense of calmness and balance while enhancing happiness.

1 sage stick: purify, release, cleanse

1 selenite tower: energize, charge, unblock

1 palo santo stick: uplift, enhance, soothe

1 tumbled green aventurine