Keys Omni Skin Elixir Spray

PrettyStick Beauty



What you can expect is framed in the product name, Omni. Omni can be used anywhere on the body with a widening expectation of results for various skin conditions. Because of the wide variety of facets about the product, we originally tested it as a relief for burns, scrapes, cuts, and rashes. We test by asking a group of our customers that want to be testers for our products. When we sent it to them, they started to come back with all sorts of testimonials that included skin conditioning, dandruff relief, acne relief, anti-itch, and scar healing. We even had some of our testers use it for sore throat, gum problems, and allergy based itchy skin. Although we only recommend Omni for skin issues, we continue to hear uses pouring in from our customers.

Omni has natural anti-allergen features as well. Eyes that are irritated by pollen, dander, and other allergens receive a cooling effect when you spray Omni around the eyes (not in the eye). These natural and made allergens cling to the skin around the eye causing itching of the soft tissue. Omni appears to have a great natural anti-aging benefit because the Oleanolic has known positive effects on aging skin or UV damaged tissue. With Omni Elixir you get younger-looking skin without the itching during allergy season.