Keys Nextra NeoRetinol

PrettyStick Beauty


Nextra NeoRetinol from Keys has the benefits of Retinol with none of the side effects.  Nextra is a daily use product instead of a periodic Retinol regimen.  No burning, rash, dry patches, or redness.  No photo-sensitivity means it is a day and night product with no retinoic ingredients.  Nextra NeoRetinol has all the benefits without the side effects.

Nextra NeoRetinol is a serum lotion packed with extra skincare benefits:

•  Skin plumping to erase the look of fine lines

•  Super softening & soothing for sensitive skin

•  Natural ingredients penetrate deeply for fast results without chemicals and irritation

•  You can feel it working on the skin

•  Skin tone begins to improve within days

•  Fine lines & wrinkles start diminishing

•  Nextra NeoRetinol uses natural botanicals

•  Affordable Chemical-Free for daily use

Nextra NeoRetinol (50ml, 1.7z)