Gumi Activated Charcoal Gummies

PrettyStick Beauty

The World's First Activated Charcoal Gummies are here!

A world of benefits in one little bite.

Bye-Bye Tummy Toxins*

We’ll spare you the chemistry lesson... 😉 Activated Charcoal acts as nature’s super-sponge by absorbing impurities and toxins that can cause indigestion, gas, and other, well, unwelcome guests. There may not be a magic pill for detoxifying, but Activated Charcoal sure comes close!*

Oral Health*

Activated Charcoal has long been used to help improve oral health because it can bind to plaque, bacteria, and compounds that stain teeth and cause bad breath. Remedy: chew charcoal for charming chompers! (Try saying that 10 times.)*

Ingredients: Activated Charcoal (From Coconut Shells- 200mg), Natural Açai Flavor